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Choose the number of Rackets you need serviced and our custom RacketAid box will be en route to you the same day (except on Sundays).

Once you receive your box, you will find Shipping Instructions, a pre-paid shipping label, and the Customer Fillable Worksheet

Our expert technicians will get your racket looking and feeling as good as new.

Please note the following:

We are a stringing service. If you send us broken or damaged rackets, they will be sent back, and shipping charges will be assessed from the refund. Please see our Terms and Conditions
 for further details.

ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE. We don't believe in upcharges! The price you see includes free nationwide shipping, choice of premium strings, stringing service, overgrip, and dampener on EVERY racket. Talk about a deal!

FREE SHIPPING. We ship all throughout the United States, excluding Hawaii, and U.S. Territories, and most of Alaska (We can ship to Juneau and Anchorage if orders are over x2 Rackets). 

FREE OVERGRIP. Every single racket we restring will have an option for a complimentary overgripping. We are proud to provide Diadem Pro Touch (White). 

KEEP YOUR BOX. Once the process is complete and you've received your newly restrung rackets, please keep your box and sign-up for our newsletter. We will provide a discount code to your email for 15% OFF to save you time and money on your next order!

WANT TO USE YOUR OWN STRINGS? No problem. Throw the strings (minimum 40ft per racket) in the box with your rackets, complete the Customer Fillable Worksheet to your specifications, and slap that pre-paid label. Don't forget to use the discount code 'OWNSTRINGS' for 10% OFF your total order. Hybrid Stringing with one of our own string selection choices is also FREE of charge.

Have any questions? Use the Pop-Up Chat feature on the bottom right to speak with a real human instantly!


  • Turnaround Time
  • 4-7 business days, with a 24-hour guaranteed service turnaround time for us to get your racket(s) fully serviced and ready to get you back on the court! (Exception of Saturday deliveries as carriers are closed for Sunday shipping. Please see Terms and Conditions for further detail*)
We will ship you a custom RacketAid box and return shipping label that you will use to send your rackets to us for servicing. Inside your custom box you will see an info sheet with detailed instructions to follow. Once we get your rackets we will service them, and send them back to you.

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Yes! Once you have placed an order we will send you our custom box with rapid mail service. All shipments are insured and 100% trackable during the journey. *Shipments are insured based on number of racket(s)- we will require specific photos/receipts of your rackets to support the claim. Please see Terms and Conditions of exact requirements.
Easily. Our packages are able to fit up to three whole rackets comfortably and safely. Our packages will come with shipping instructions in the box.

No. And please don’t. We have had customers send us their racket cases, as well as other items that we are not liable for handling, and will complicate and delay the shipping process. Please only send the racket(s) to be serviced in your purchase order.
Very easily. We pride ourselves on making sure you, the customer, has a direct line of communication with us to ensure your equipment is in good hands. Please use the Pop-Up Chat feature on the bottom right or email us at racketaid@gmail.com
Have more questions? Give us a shout!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review
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