Every order has a "no-add on" cost for Premium String choice on EVERY racket that's sent to us for service. You will be able to select your Premium String choice when you receive your RacketAid box upon order. You will fill out the Customer Fillable Worksheet inside of the box to select your choices for service.

Our Synthetic Gut

Head Synthetic Gut PPS 17

The Head Synthetic Gut PPS features a Polyamide 6 wrap for increased feel and a Pearl Polyamide coating for added durability. PowerStrip (Polyphenylene Sulfide Strip) technology adds resilience creating extra speed on all strokes while the material provides heat and abrasion resistance making it more durable than standard strings. This premium string features a co-polymer center core with a multifilament wrap.

Gauge: 17/1.24mm
Composition: Synthetic gut with multifilament wrap
Color: White


Our Multifilament #1

Dunlop Iconic X-Life 17

Features a compressed central core for greater durability formed from resilient multi-filaments delivering improved playability. The outer wrap is constructed from twisting powerful mono-filaments to increase the strings reactive energy properties. Excellent choice for cleaner shots, increased durability and longer lasting shot quality.

Gauge: 17/1.22mm
Composition: Polyester Multifilament
Color: White


Our Multifilament #2

Ashaway SuperKill 17

The Ashaway Superkill 17 is an all-purpose string, lively and responsive. The wear layer provides resistance to notching and premature breakage. The SuperKill family of racquetball strings features a nylon core with a high tenacity nylon wear surface. Great for durability and power.

Gauge: 17/1.25mm
Composition: Nylon Multifilament
Color: White


Our Monofilament

Gearbox Mono Premium 17

This premium string is the go-to for the player wanting to generate maximum power. It is highly durable and designed for frequent string breakers. A much "stiffer feeling" string for maximum control.

Gauge: 17/1.25mm
Composition: Solid nylon monofilament
Color: Black

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