Can you repair my broken or damaged racket(s)?

No! We are an all-in-one stringing service. PLEASE DO NOT send us broken or damaged rackets. We will end up shipping you the product back and shipping costs will be reduced from purchase amount refund. 


Is it safe to send my racket(s) in the mail?

Yes! Once you have placed an order we will send you our prepaid, custom sports racket package(s) with 2-Day Delivery Services either by UPS or USPS. All shipments are insured and 100% trackable during the journey. *Shipments are insured based on number of racket(s)- we will require specific photos/receipts of your rackets to support the claim. Please see Terms and Conditions of exact requirements.


What do I do when I receive my RacketAid Custom Box?

Your box will come assembled. Please open the box carefully by cutting only the tape on the box. Inside you will find Three (3) items: The Customer Fillable Worksheet, Shipping Instructions, and your Pre-Paid Shipping Label. Please follow the detailed instructions on the provided sheets. If you have ANY questions at all, please email us directly at or use the Pop-Up Chat feature on the bottom right.


How do I place my racket(s) in the package?

Easy! Inside of our package, Shipping Instructions are provided. Please follow the directions closely. Our packages are able to fit up to three (3) rackets comfortably and safely. DO NOT ADD ANY PACKAGING MATERIALS, CASING, OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR RACKETS. Adding anything other than your racket(s) could cause a delay or cancellation in your shipment and incur additional charges.


How do you know what rackets we are sending and specifications we want?

Great question! Inside of your RacketAid box will be the Customer Fillable Worksheet. This worksheet is to be filled out by you, the customer, and will ask for your specifications from an easy to follow menu. The information requested will include a description of the racket(s) being sent, choice of premium strings offered by us, tension, and an option for a free overgrip attachment. Once complete, the worksheet must be placed back in the box in order to complete your request in a timely manner. The Customer Fillable Worksheet can also be viewed on our 'Order Now' page.


Can I place anything with my racket(s) for additional safety?

NO! And please don’t. We have had customers send us their racket cases, as well as other items that we are not liable for handling or can guarantee safe return. Please only send the racket(s) to be serviced in your purchase order. The racket(s) are safe for delivery and are trackable & insured!


Do you offer hybrid stringing?

We do! And it's a free option for every racket in every package. On the Customer Fillable Worksheet, which you will receive inside our custom box after your order, there will be a question which will give you the choice for your Cross String, if you choose to select Hybrid Stringing as your option. The worksheet will also provide a QR code on the form itself which will outline which brand of premium strings we offer.


Do you sell or provide any accessories such as grips or dampeners?

We do, but there is no upcharge! Every racket comes with a free overgrip and dampener 😊.


Should I throw away my RacketAid box once I've received my newly restrung rackets?

No! Please keep your RacketAid box. Once your first order is complete, you will find a Thank You card in the box with a discount code for the next time you send your rackets to be restrung with us. This discount code will be linked to your email and will also be sent to your email. This will provide a full 15% off to substantially save you time and money! Once used at checkout, we will send you instructions on how to receive your pre-paid label and send back to us.


What if I want to use my own strings?

We can take care of you too! We get it. Some of us have been playing with the same strings for years. Apply the discount code 'OWNSTRINGS' at check out and you will give you the same convenient, professional service... with a 10% discount! Just throw in your strings with you racket when you receive your package. A minimum a 40ft (standard) is required per racket. We also offer Hybrid Stringing for free if you'd like to combine with our strings or your own. 


Can I have the box shipped to one location but have my rackets strung and sent to another location?

Yup! And that's one of the convenient characteristics of using our service. We can ship anywhere in the United States, free of charge. We do it all the time for Tennis Clubs meeting at a specific location or customers gifting across the country. Just let us know where you'd like your freshly restrung rackets to meet you via Pop-Up chat, email, or in the check-out notes. 


How do we contact you?

Very easily. We pride ourselves on making sure you have direct, fast access to us at all times. Please use the Pop-Up Chat feature on the bottom right to speak with a human right away! If you prefer email, please contact us at and we will get to you ASAP. 


When will you be providing stringing services for Racquetball, Badminton, and Squash?

Very soon! We are working diligently to launch these services by the end of October 2020. Stay tuned!


For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

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