Serving you safely during COVID-19.

During this unprecedented time, we want to keep you up to speed about the safety of our operations.

Here is what we are doing to ensure the safety of your rackets and our operations:

  • We have limited the number of persons who can enter the facility and work areas at any one time to ensure that persons in the facility are able to work within the CDC guidelines for social distancing.
  • All surfaces and tools are being sanitized multiple times a day.
  • All of our payments are processed online and no financial transactions occur in person.
  • All rackets are being serviced with disposable gloves. No glove will be re-used.
  • Any employee who feels sick is to stay home and be tested. Test results must be negative in order to return to the workplace.

Our team members are wearing protective N95 masks, gloves, and are sanitizing their hands throughout the work day. Work stations are more than 6 feet apart. Our staff is washing their hands upon entry, before and after each break.

We encourage you to utilize our stringing service to keep yourselves safe and healthy at home and on the court. At this time we are not accepting walk-in stringing to limit the number of persons inside our facility. 


Stay safe,

The RacketAid Team


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